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The Foyer (from drab to fab) Part 1

    This is the foyer it's teeny, non-descript and L shaped . Even though it's all those things I mentioned earlier, I wanted to create an inviting space for all who enter. So I got to work. First things first, the walls and the doors received a coat of paint.     Next, I wanted a rug to define the space, but they were too expensive. (my budget for entire project is $200) So here's what I did. I had a remnant of carpet leftover from a previous project so I commissioned my daughter to paint a palm tree on it. Once finished we cut a quarter circle, so it would not interfere with the door opening and closing. Voila, I LOVE IT!!!!!  In came the console and the chair, that I purchased from a thrift store. I picked up the lamp at a garage sale for $2 and added feathers to give it some umph. Next, I perused my house and unearthed the candlesticks and the picture frame. The palm tree print was a gift.     Well there you have it, part 1 of my fab fo

Once upon a time

Hi I'm Lory, You are welcome to follow the story of our house being transformed from, an ugly duckling into the "Belle of the Ball'. The best part of all is the transformation will be done on a shoestring budget. Sorry no pics yet, but come back often I'm leaving the door open! To your Home!!!! Lory