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Hello and Happy fall,  Are you looking for a quick and easy table setting idea that will last through Thanksgiving? If so, Check out this table.     These are the plates that I used to transform my table from drab to dramatic .   This is what the table looked like with just the plates, not to promising huh!     This is what I did to transform the table. I added the brown tablecloth, which is not really a tablecloth it's 2 1/2 yards of decorator fabric that I had from a previous project. I just put it on the table no sewing required. The black placemats are a remnant of upholstery fabric cut to the size of the other placemats. I really wanted to add some drama to the table, so I added the zebra placemats, the animal print glasses and the pumpkin napkins. WOW!!!! ( I confess, I love animal prints). The centerpiece was quick and easy . I filled the container with pine cones, then I added the pumpkin floral stems, no need for glue

Easy doormat makeover

Welcome back, I hope y'all had a great weekend. Mine was a blur, but the great news is I am off on Monday. (sweeeeeet) This post is a continuation from last weeks post. Guess what, I wasn't able to get anything done outside, "welcome fall projects," but I did get to makeover my doormats. Read on.....   Tired, dull, boring, discolored, you get the big  picture, but instead of discarding these mats for something new, I breathed new life into them with paint. I already had several jars of paint from previous projects, so I went to my paint stash selected the colors and started painting. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?    Hello Somebody, Can you hear me now!!!!!!!   This project was really simple and inexpensive. I spent approximately $2 for a couple bottles of  Plaid acrylic paint (2 oz size of fresh cut grass and fresh foliage), because I didn't have any green paint in my stash. What do you think? I Love It!!!! After the paint dried I sealed the m

Welcome Fall

 Hello again, before I get started I have to tell you about my weekend. Initially, I had planned to start my "welcome fall project." I had a list of things I wanted to tackle; like wash windows, pressure wash the sidewalk, and revamp some old wreaths. Now you know that didn't happen, right. Saturday I woke up to the sound of hissing water.We had a leak in the bathroom wall. ugh! Hubby turned the water off , but he couldn't fix the problem until late that evening. He had to work. So what did I do Saturday, absolutely nothing. Sunday was a no go as well, it rained all day long. So, what's a girl to do?... I turned lemons into lemonade and I tackled the projects I could do inside.  I really wanted new wreaths this fall, but you know me; I didn't want to spend any money. So I decided to re-purpose some old wreaths I had in the attic. Here's what I did. I removed all the floral stems from the wreath pictured above, to the wreath in the picture bel

Fab Foyer Part 2

 Hi all,  I hope you had a rootin tootin holiday. I sure did. As promised here is part 2 of my fab foyer. Lot's of pics this time.   Can you spot the elephant in the room? It's the big cedar wall and Hubby love's it, me not so much. So here's what I did to get the best of both worlds .    I found two Broyhill chest at a thrift store for $10 each. You can't beat that with a stick! I primed,painted and bought new drawer pulls.     I used river rock paint for the outside of the chest and a buttery yellow for the trim and inside.       These shots give a before and after view from the front entrance.         Curtains were hung to break up the massive wall, they also  added a layer of softness to the space.  The addition