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Happy Anniversary!

Hello World and Happy Monday. I am really excited because tomorrow February 26th, I will be celebrating six months of blogging. So I guess  it's safe to say, It's ADTales Anniversary. source  Here's a quick recap. I introduced myself to the blogging world on 08/26/2012. You can see it here, Once Upon A Time . And I haven't looked back since. My fall decorating posts kept viewers coming back for more, but the all time favorites were   Easy Fall Table setting and Fall Finale. The last six months have been a blur but one thing is for sure, I LOVE blogging! But the technical side, not so much. (ugh!!!!!) I am becoming an expert on What Not To Do. Ebook coming soon. Lol! As I was saying before I LOVE blogging, mainly because I get to help people. I come in contact with so many people who think they have to spend a fortune to create a beautiful home. That is so far from the truth. That's why I am here. With a little creativity, know how and

Red Hot Powder Room

Hello all, it's that time again. Today, I  have a red hot powder room to share with you this week.  So lets get started...... This is how the powder room looked before the makeover. I wanted new wallpaper but there was no room in the budget. So I made my own .(wallpaper) I took brown packaging paper and tore it into large pieces. Then I  applied wallpaper paste to one side of the paper,and began applying it to the walls and the ceiling. This process took about two hours. Then I primed and painted the room.   Hello somebody! I painted this room a bold shade of red. Opera House Red by Behr to be exact. If you're thinking about using a saturated color, the powder room would be a great place to experiment.    Here are two of my favorite quotes. I get to read them every time I enter the powder room. Look closely and you'll see how overlapping the paper gives it a leather look. The counter top was painted to coordinate with the mirror. First, a gold

Kitchen Reveal

Hello again, It's Sunday around noontime and I'm preparing this post for publication on Monday 2/11/13. I am having a much needed lazy weekend, you know those weekends where you do absolutely nothing. I am there! I was so excited about this post until..... I lost some of my pics to cyber space. oops! Oh well, the show must go on without them. When the client contacted me about redoing this kitchen, the only thing she was sure about was the paint color for the walls. I was responsible for everything else. Here are a few pics of the kitchen before the transformation.          The budget for this kitchen was very skinny , so I needed to come up with some creative solutions to give this kitchen the bright sunny feel the client wanted. There was no room in the budget to replace anything . It would be a few years before the client could do a complete renovation. So I had to work with what was already there.  On day one of the makeover I arrived and the walls were al

White Kitchens

Hello, it's Monday again.  I had a super duper weekend! A Girl's Day Out weekend to be precise. I spent all day Saturday with my friend Mandy Lou ( Hi Mandy). We started the day out at Smoke on the Water, it's an annual barbecue competition where all the proceeds are donated to our local boys and girls club. Next, we headed to Ruby Tuesday and enjoyed every bite of our lunch (yummy).  We did a little window shopping, then we headed to the movies to see Django. (the D is silent! lol) After the movie we scheduled our next outing, said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways. What a day! sorry no pics of my outing, maybe next time.   Okay where were we? Last week I said, I would return to my "decluttering and organizing," but I changed my mind. This weeks post is all about "White Kitchens" So let's get started....... source I chose this kitchen for two reasons. First, I love, love, love, the antique stove. And secondly, I have the exact flo