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Easter Table Setting

Hi all, hope your week has been great thus far. Easter is only a few days away and I am so far behind. But I did manage to put together the table setting below.       I think this table setting screams Easter. For a quick change ( after Easter) remove the eggs/plastic eggs. Then fill jars with yogurt raisins and pretzels covered in white chocolate. Now the table is ready for the remaining days of Spring, or brunch with the girls.     I love, love, love, all the pretty pastels. What about you?   Oops. I almost forgot. The tablecloth is actually two shower curtains I purchased on clearance. Don't be afraid to use items in different ways. Yes it's a shower curtain, but it works!           I purchased the saucers several years ago from Big Lots. I know they are quite girly, but I really like them.                                      The  plastic eggs, marshmallows and chocolate bunny all came fro

Bar Stool Makeover

Hi all, this week I have another makeover. Last week's post was a chair makeover , this week it's bar stools. Here's a little history of how I acquired the bar stools. I have a friend named John who owns a thrift store. One day, while shopping in his store I purchased a beautiful 1920's sleigh bed. As I was leaving John informed me that he had a gift for me, since I purchased the bed. My response was, "for little ole me". As he scurried to the back of the store I WAS SO EXCITED and I couldn't wait to see what the gift was. When I saw the bar stools I was SPEECHLESS!!!!!! They were WICKED NASTY! But how could I resist them, they were a gift with purchase (free). And besides they had  great potential.           I brought the stools home and got busy. First, they had to be disassembled. Next, I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed, so much so I was dizzE (dizzy). lol! I was in such a state of shock, I forgot to take a picture of the seat cushio

Trash 2 Treasure

Chair Makeover   What would I do without my family and friends? When an item is spotted on the curb or in the dumpster they graciously rescue the item/items and bring them to me. The chair below was rescued by my hubby on trash day several months ago. He salvaged a total of  three chairs that day. Way to go Hubby!!!!!         The table in my breakfast area needed chairs, but this wasn't the chair I had in mind. So I figured, they're free make them work! I painted and painted and painted. Then the cushions received a makeover with.....          animal print fabric. You know my motto, every room needs a little animal print! Enjoy the Pics!                     Glass fruit I purchased from the Dollar Tree several years ago. It comes in handy when all the fresh fruit is gone.                     Thanks for stopping by!   2 Your Home,   Lory