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High Style Bedroom on a Budget

Hi all, hope you had a fantastic Easter.
Earlier in the year I did a post on My Obsession with White. You can see it here. I have finally gotten around to sharing one of my white, well almost white rooms with you.
I am a firm believer that good design doesn't have to cost a fortune, and I find myself constantly saying this to friends, family and clients. So today, I am going to put my money where my mouth is, and create a high style look on a shoestring budget.

The artwork by Gloria Eriksen above was my inspiration for this room. I found it one day while out thrifting. It's the same thrift store where I got the bar stools from. I chose a color that blends seamlessly with the colors in the artwork. (Silverberry/by Behr). I really do like this color because it's gender friendly.

 The lamps and side tables were purchased at a yard sale several years ago. Can you believe the side tables were only $4 for the pair? And the lamps were a steal for only $16. How's that for a bargain? The side tables used to be gold, but I gave them a quick makeover with a can of white spray paint. The benches at the foot of the bed were a fabulous find, at only $25 for the pair. But I don't remember where they were purchased

 The wicker headboard ($10) and the bed tray (free) all came from my friend John's thrift store. When I purchased the headboard it was black, so I spray painted it white and allowed some of the black to show through. It gives the headboard a weathered look. White is my go to color for bedding. And this bedding was a steal at only $40.


 The fabric for the curtains came from Walmart ($2 per yard). I purchased a total of ten yards. I think it ties in quite nicely with the rooms Asian vibe. You won't believe what we used to hang the curtains, it's cardboard tubing that was cut in half lengthwise. (will do a tutorial during summer break). 


 I love, love, love this painting. It was a Mother's Day gift from my beautiful daughter. Enjoy the rest of the pics!


 The total cost of this project was $170. My initial budget was $200. I love how this room turned out but, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, this room evolved overtime
 Here are a few tips for decorating a space on a tight budget. 1. Re-purpose, I can't emphasize this enough. Re-purposing can save big bucks, so use what you have. 2. Know your budget and stick to it. Initially, I had planned to purchase bamboo blinds, but my budget ran out. So, I opted to keep the white mini blinds. 3.When it's time to purchase items have a PLAN, and remember to keep fabric/color samples handy. 5. Stay focused. 6. Steer clear of the green eyed, I WANT IT NOW, MONSTER!
These are just a few suggestions for creating a high style look on a shoestring budget. 
Thanks for stopping by!
2 Your Home,
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  1. Simply elagent. Soft, subtle, yet stunning. Very nicely down on any budget.

  2. this room is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Thank you both and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Beautiful job, Lory! Great job staying under budget.

    1. Thanks Brandi, eventually i'll get those bamboo blinds.


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