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My Story

Hi all, today is my Birthday, (happy birthday to me) so I figured this would be a great time to share my design story.  I have been fascinated with interior decorating/design since childhood. My first encounter with design was the animal print sofa I saw on the television series Green Acres. I can still remember the first time I saw it. That sofa stopped me in my tracks, and in a word it was AWESOME! Afterwards, I faithfully watched Green Acres hoping to get another look at that gorgeous piece of furniture. My next encounter with decorating /design,  Summer Chores . ugh! My Dad was a construction worker, and he worked very long hours. So it was up to my Mom and her five girls to keep our home in tip top shape. We cleaned house, washed windows, mowed the lawn, planted flowers/vegetables, and last but not least we painted the house, more than once. I was the youngest of the group and my job was to paint the trim/eaves. And I hated every minute of it. Going up and down the later

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all Mother's a........ Enjoy your Day!