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Back in the Saddle......

Hello all, I am finally back. It has been approximately three months since my last post, and so much has happened since then. Let's see....... 1. I spent three days in the hospital in August.....  The Dr. seems to think it was stressed related, but all is well. Thank the Lord!!!
2. We took our Son G to College......

one week after being released from hospital. ( sorry fuzzy picture)
G and me. I didn't feel my best, but I wasn't going to miss this memorable event.

 G and Dad.....

The dorm G will be staying in.

Move in time!
 G, Mandy and me. A great big thanks to my friend Mandy I couldn't have done it without her!

 G, unpacking.

G, settling into his new environment, and to date he is enjoying college life! Yes!!!!!

College survival guide, I couldn't have said it any better!!!!
By the way, I have started implementing steps 5, 7, and 10 and it seems to be working.
3. I started a new job. (August)
4. Lightning struck our refrigerator, computers, garage door opener a…