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Jewelry Box Idea

Happy New Year everyone. I hope your Holidays were all that you expected and then some. Can you believe that it's 2014 already? It's the start of a  new year and we all know what that means, more resolutions, more goals and GETTING ORGANIZED. Since I'm not big on resolutions, I've made a few short term goals for this year, and got a jump start on some organizing. I love costume jewelry, but as you can see, I had no place to store all of it.  So I enlisted the help of Hubby and came up with a simple solution to solve my jewelry dilemma. Here's a list of things needed for this project. ( 2 ) 8ft pieces of pre-primed 1"x4", 1/2 sheet pegboard ( 1 ) 4ft long 1/4 inch wide dowel, finishing nails, picture frame wire and eyelets. Instructions.... Hubby cut 2 pieces of pine 5ft long and 4 pieces 12 inches long, and constructed a box.   To create the shelves Hubby used the ( 2 ) remaining  12" pieces and nailed them to the 5