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My Fall Fragrance Picks for 2015

A few weeks ago I found myself in a bit of a slump, because Fall was right around the corner and I wasn't in the mood. Reason being it was so blasted hot, here in Florida. Well enough was enough and I knew I needed to get with the program, because Fall was coming whether I was in the mood or not. So I decided to go on a little shopping trip in search of, "My Fall Fragrance Picks for 2015". I figured that the right fragrances would lift my spirit and help me to embrace the season. My first stop Pier 1 Imports . Pier 1 had several Fall fragrances to choose from but...... sorry fuzzy the "Spiced Cake" boxed potpourri won me over.   And I had the perfect accessory to display it in, my metal leaf.     Sorry I  accidentally threw away the packaging. please read manufactures instruction before using plugins. The warmers were sold separately. Afterward I headed to Walmart and there I purchased the Airwick warmer and Airwick-Cozy by the Fire s

Island Oasis Foyer Continued

Hello beautiful people! I hope you had a super fantastic weekend. I sure did! I had "Georgia on my mind" but I will talk about that in a later post. Today I am back with the follow up to my Island Oasis Foyer reveal. To read/see part one of the transformation click  here . After  The foyer has gone through several changes since March, but I still have a few more projects before the foyer will be completely finished. I need to reupholster the chair, repaint the mirror, and purchase a few accessories. However, with that being said I am still pleased with the outcome thus far. Before When we first bought the house this is how our foyer looked. (sigh)   My budget was super slim so I had to come up with creative solutions to make this space sizzle.  first time around/before This hand painted rug was a carper remnant from a previous project. You can read more about it here . Before Even though the budget was tight I created a lotta bang for the buck! A

Chasing Sunsets

This week the Hubs and I did something we haven't done in a long time. We started taking pictures of Sunsets again. We used to do this when we were first married but life showed up, and we stopped. However, this week we had some of the most amazing sunsets here in Florida, so much so, that we found ourselves "chasing sunsets" again.      Have a GREAT weekend!   Lory 

Hello Fall

Today officially marks the first day of  Fall. I am super excited about watching the season unfold. I am sure some of you have already pulled out your cozy comforts for the season, like blankets, throws, and quilts. But if you live in my neck of the woods that ain't happening anytime soon. Any who, I just wanted to pop in really quick and formally wish you a Happy Fall! These are the DIY wreaths from my previous  post . Enjoy your Fall!   Happy Fall Y'all!  Thanks for stopping by! Lory

DIY Fall Wreaths

Fall is almost officially here but you can't tell it where I live. The temps are still in the high 80's here. So it's been a challenge for me to get the ball rolling with my "Fall Projects". However, last Saturday I mustered up the motivation to go shopping for fall wreaths. My first stop was  Hobby Lobby . Fall was in full bloom at HL and the selections were amazing. I had my heart set on some beautiful preassembled wreaths, but you know me I had a budget in mind. So instead of purchasing the gorgeous preassembled wreaths that I so desperately wanted, I opted to go the budget friendly route, and decided to create my own Fall Wreaths. I purchased garland that was oh so Fall, then I headed back home to get my project in gear.   This is the wreath I created. Keep reading/scrolling to see how it was done.   This wreath has been used a lot over the years. See it here Things needed for this project.  A wreath/wreaths............   garland, ribbon

Island Oasis Foyer Reveal

Reveal day is finally here. And after several months of planning and preparing, the foyer is officially finished. Now I get to share my take on Island style with you. As I mentioned in a previous post I love African Asian and Indian décor (British Colonial) with a splash of the tropics. And after traveling to Hawaii last year I wanted to create a year round vacation destination in my own home. Now here I am 18 months later extremely excited about all of the changes that are taking place in our home.  So without any further ado, I present my rendition of our Island Oasis. Lots of pics, Enjoy   I think these lamps are the cats meow. I purchased them at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $20. I swiped the shades from exiting lamps that weren't being used. The shades have an Asian feel. The seashells were inspirational in getting the ball rolling on this project. Who knew?         My daughter drew this Cheetah when she was in Junior High School.

Foyers I'm Lovin!

Hi All, and happy Wednesday. There has been a lot of hustle and bustle going on around these parts. And I have several projects going on at once. But the good news is the Foyer is almost finished. And I am excited about the reveal, as well as, checking this project off my to do list. Last weekend I took the liberty of searching the web again for more foyer ideas, and boy oh boy did I hit the jackpot . So while you are waiting for the reveal I decided to share some of the pics that caught my eye. I think these foyers are absolutely AMAZING! Enjoy!   via        via     via   via     via       via   So was I right about how amazing these foyers were are what?  Have you decorated your foyer lately?     Thanks for stopping by!   Lory