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Guest Room Reveal

Hi all, today I am back with the guest bedroom reveal. I added the finishing touches to the room on Tuesday, and the first guests arrived on Wednesday. after   In a previous post there were a few things that I mentioned I wanted to accomplish in this space. One, I wanted to add a sitting area.   And two, I also needed to create a space for guests to unpack if they so desired.  The initial plan was to find a chest of drawers but that didn't happen, so I did the closet shuffle. You know, take the stuff out of this closet and put it in another closet.   I managed to create a space in the closet. However, I forgot to open the door and take the picture so you could see it. lol!     I added the burgundy and gold pillow and removed the bolster. You can see it here.   I think the burgundy brings in a touch of Christmas.   before What can I say about the bedside table? It needed to be updated and fast.   after So, I came up with a super coo

My Fall Table

There are only nine days left until Thanksgiving. And I am so excited because I get to share it with close friends and family. By the way, the grand baby will be here too! Yay! Ok, back to the post.   My Fall Table turned out quite lovely if I must say so myself. This year instead of using a table cloth, I used a variety of fabric samples swatches to cover the table. So, what do you think? I love all the different colors patterns and textures, and they actually play off each other nicely. And I am hoping the fabric sample table cover will be a great conversation starter as well. I will let you know how it goes. Spode  China and pumpkins from the Dollar Tree who knew? Initially the table had two fall wreaths and two lanterns. You can see it here. But I had to remove one of each to make room for the table settings. You know how I love animal print. I think every room needs a little touch of it. How about you?             

Dear Santa....

Hi all and Happy Tuesday! Today I want to share a cute little story about my grand baby and the letter she wrote to Santa last year. I came across the letter few days ago and I thought it was so worth sharing. Were those precise instructions or what?  I got so tickled when I read her letter to Santa. Kids, you gotta love em! I also decided to share the place setting I did especially for her. Her response was "Zsa Zsa, you're the greatest". I guess that meant she loved it! There goes that letter again! I couldn't resist posting the letter again. (smile ) Have a GREAT day! Lory

Bedroom Refresh... Making Room For Guests

It's going to be very busy during the Holidays around these parts. We will be hosting guests and I really want to make them feel extra special. So I figured, now would be as good a time as any to refresh the guest bedroom. The biggest problem I have with this room is storage. There is nowhere for guest to unpack because the closet is jammed packed with stuff. And I currently don't have a dresser/chest in the room.   Today I am only going to show you a glimpse of the refresh. Don't the pillows look scrumptious and inviting?  FYI, above pic was for instant gratification purposes, because the rest of the room is a hot mess!     This is what the bed looked liked before I started the room "refresh".     Since storage was a major concern I emptied the closet of all it's content. Hopefully this will free up some much needed space for guests. A chest of drawers would solve the storage dilemma. So I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of find

Easy inexpensive gift idea for any occasion

My Sisters were coming for an extended weekend and I wanted to do something to make them feel really special. Normally when they come I do a bed tray with the most current décor magazine and a sweet treat, but this time I wanted to do something altogether different. So I came up with this super cute, easy, and inexpensive idea.  Here's what I did. I went to my local supercenter and purchased two candles that cost 94 cents each. FYI, I purchased fall scented candles with lids. Next, I headed home and raided my gift wrapping container. There I unearth two gold boxes, that I purchased from an after Christmas sale last year. I also found the perfect ribbon that would take the gold boxes to the wow level. You know how I love animal print ! All I did was remove the easy peel label from the candle. I put the candle in the box and added some tissue paper to keep the candle from moving around inside. Next,  I put the lid on the box and wrapped the ribbon around it. I secured the

My grand baby dressed up as Princess Elsa

Happy November, just popping in to share a few pics with you from Halloween. My grand baby was Princess Elsa this year. And my daughter did an awesome job with her makeup........     and hair. Did she nail the hair or what? She nailed it! FYI my daughter is a makeup artist/cosmetologist. I will have to post some of her work in the near future. So here is my little Princess all decked out and ready for trick-or-treat. Isn't she the cutest? Thanks for stopping by!  Have a marvelous Monday!   Lory