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Guest Room Reveal

Hi all, today I am back with the guest bedroom reveal. I added the finishing touches to the room on Tuesday, and the first guests arrived on Wednesday.

In a previous post there were a few things that I mentioned I wanted to accomplish in this space. One, I wanted to add a sitting area.

And two, I also needed to create a space for guests to unpack if they so desired. 
The initial plan was to find a chest of drawers but that didn't happen, so I did the closet shuffle. You know, take the stuff out of this closet and put it in another closet.

I managed to create a space in the closet. However, I forgot to open the door and take the picture so you could see it. lol!
  I added the burgundy and gold pillow and removed the bolster. You can see it here.  I think the burgundy brings in a touch of Christmas.
What can I say about the bedside table? It needed to be updated and fast.
So, I came up with a super cool idea for a table cloth. And I was lucky enough to find a woven basket that fit perfectly on top of the table. Can you believe the table cloth is actually a dress? Yep, you read that right. All I did was cut open the seam in the back of the dress, and then I draped it over the table. Pretty clever huh?
I think the table cloth makes quite a dramatic statement. Did I mention, I know DRAMA? 
The potpourri adds a splash of color, while the gold dish adds a touch of sparkle/shine.
Mirror, mirror on the wall......
Mirrors were added to the tea cart to level out the uneven surface. 
And the accessories were kept at a minimum, this way guest can keep all their personal belongings in one place.
The ice bucket is the perfect place to store mini water bottles. Pop them in the fridge several hours before bedtime and guests will have a cool drink right at their finger tips, without having to leave their room.
One of the main issues that I had with this space was it didn't have a sitting area. So I brought in a chair from another room, a few pillows and a throw. Problem solved! 

This is how the bed/room looked before the make-over. Blah, blah, blah!
So what do you think? I love how this room turned out and my guests loved the room too!
Are you expecting any guest/guests for the Holidays?
Have a GREAT day!






  1. Love the burgundy add ins!!! And your grandbaby was extremely happy!!!

  2. Awesome as usual. Just Awesome.

  3. Beautiful!!! One of my favorite makeovers!


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