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Refresh for Summer.....DIY Upholstery

On last week I shared my newly upholstered dining chairs. So today I've decided to show you how quick and easy it was for me to transform them. Things needed for this: 1. Fabric of your choice. 2. Scissors 3. Staple gun 4. Staples 5. Screw driver The first thing you want to do is turn the chair over and unscrew the seat from the frame of the chair. Once you have taken the seat off, lay the desired fabric on the floor or whatever surface you are working on. I placed my fabric on top of the piano because it was easier for me. Next I eyeballed the fabric and cut it to fit the seat. Please do not eyeball! Please take the time and measure out your fabric, because you want to make certain there is ample enough fabric to staple to the underside of the chair. For example, this seat measured out at about 18 inches across at it's widest point. If  I would have done the application properly I would have added about two inches to my fabric and cut out a 20 inch piece for

My Summer Centerpiece

I am back today to share my "summer centerpiece" and  later this week I will reveal the complete table. The arrangement is super simple and it adds just the right touch to the rustic table. Enjoy the pics!           The Bromeliads were picked from my yard.       Close up of the table. I love all the imperfections. You like?     This is a sneak peek of a portion of the table setting. Reveal coming soon!       Go Out And Make Today A GREAT Day!   Lory  

My Farmhouse Table...

I had been wanting a farmhouse table for years, but since it wasn't a necessity I decided to put that thought on the back burner. Besides I already had a table, so getting another one was not a top priority. I figured, instead of buying a table I could use the money on something that I really needed instead. I'd some how hoped that all my rationale would convince me that I really didn't need the table, but it didn't. However, since I couldn't talk myself out of the table these were the stipulations I set forth concerning it. One, it had to be pre-owned because a newly constructed one would be way to pricey. Two, it had to have lots of character. 3, I was only willing to pay $200 or less for the table. Once the guidelines had been established, I ambitiously began my search at garage sales, thrift shops and on Craig's list. But I didn't have any luck. After several months of searching my ambition waned, and at this point, I was over it! I was ready to give up

Refresh for Summer....Dining Room Chairs

Happy Thursday All! It's time for another Refresh for Summer quick and easy project. My dining room chairs have been in need of a refresh for quite sometime. So I figured now would be a great time to tackle this project. As I mentioned in a previous post it's hot here in Florida. And with that being said, I am only doing projects that can be completed inside. So let's get this makeover on the road!   These are the chairs to be recovered. The two chairs on the left were a curbside find. My Husband brought them home one day out of the blue. The chairs on the right belonged to my friend. She didn't want to throw them out so she gave them to me. She figured that I could probably do something with them, and she was right. At this point I really hadn't decided what fabrics I wanted to put on the chairs. All I knew was that I wanted each chair to have a different fabric. So to the fabric stash I went! I started playing around just to get an idea as to what fabr

Color in the Kitchen

Hi all and happy Monday! Today I am sharing a Kitchen mood board inspired by a turquoise stove from the Big Chill . In case you aren't familiar with the Big Chill Company they are a manufacturer of  high quality appliances for your kitchen.They offer Retro ,  Professional and Classic Styles, with a variety of colors to choose from. These appliances are like art for the kitchen, and they make quite the statement. Enjoy!  Go out and Make today GREAT!  Lory Below is a list comprised of the items on the board. There are a few items that don't have a link sorry! Stove Bubbles Chandelier                                                                                      Framed Artwork White Shaker cabinet doors (via) Agate drawer pulls   sophie porcelain til e BHG Sea Glass Colors Iridescent Tile   Granite via  Chairs (via) Salad Plate   Table                                                                                  

Refresh For Summer.....Revolution

Summer is in full swing and it's super hot here in the Sunshine State. Being that it's so blasted hot, we have decided to put our powder room makeover on hold until a later date. Since it's summer I had been tossing around the idea of doing something different here on the blog, but I really didn't know what. Well, a few weeks ago I was standing in the checkout line at Walmart, and the brightly colored cover of the HGTV magazine caught my eye; along with these two words "Summer Refresh". So I quickly decided that a refresh would be easier, cooler and a lot lighter on the wallet than a renovation. Plus it would be something I could blog about, for the next several weeks. In this series, I plan to do projects that are simple, won't break the bank and won't require a lot of time. The goal is to complete several projects before the end of the summer and then throw a Party in honor of that. Who's with me? Let's get this "Refresh for Summer... R