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Demo Day.....Upstairs Bathroom

Hi All, The weather has been some what nice here in Florida. So I figured today would be a great day to share a behind the scenes makeover. October 5th marked our 16th year living in our home. The house had great potential and good bones, but it needed a lot of work. Did I mention it was the worst house on the block in a nice neighborhood? Over the years we have tackled so many diy projects and our "Haunted House" as the neighbors called it is looking really good. Sure we still have other projects we need to tackle, but bit by bit the finish line to our diy projects is getting a lot closer. YAY!!! Now for the upstairs bathroom... This is how the bathroom looked when we purchased the house 16 years ago. The wallpaper and vanity screams 1980's. Since the bathroom was functional we sorta put it on the back burner to take care of more pressing projects. Eventually we did a mini makeover on the space. We removed the wallpaper, upgraded the light fixture, replaced the

We've Only Just Begun....

Happy Monday everyone, I have been a really busy Bee lately. So, today I am going to be sharing what's been happening behind the scenes. A few months ago I took the plunge and decided to take my decorating business to the next level, by going full time. There has been so much to do and learn. Need I say more!!! Art anyone ? To find out more about this artwork, keep scrolling!!!! I needed to redesign my business cards, so the Hubs and I came up with this super simple but stylish card and Vistaprint did a wonderful job printing them, if I must say so myself.   (phone number left off intentionally)   (I am not affiliated with Vistaprint.) We are also in the process of building our website, and to keep cost down the Hubs and I decided that we would try and build it ourselves. Lord have mercy!!! I know decorating, but I don't know web design. tehehehe!!! I chose to do a double sided business card, so on the back of the card I added one of my favorite quotes by